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NanoFusion International Sponsor of Herd Racing Formula 2 Tunnel Boat Racing

Herd Racing

PetrolFusion, an innovative nano treatment for marine fuel systems, has joined Herd Racing as an associate sponsor of the team’s Formula 2 tunnel boat racing program in 2013, the company and team announced February 8.

“We are extremely pleased to be associated with Herd Racing and at having the opportunity to assist them in winning with PetrolFusion,” said Lisa Rae Donato, president of NanoFusion International, PetrolFusion’s parent company.

Keith Lange, the primary developer of PetrolFusion, said the additive’s diesel and gasoline formulas were created to meet the specific needs of marine engines.  PetrolFusion protects marine engines from costly ethanol damage, provides dramatic fuel savings and improves engine performance. DieselFusion dramatically reduces exhaust soot, offensive fumes and other harmful emissions, in addition to significantly increasing fuel economy and engine life.  Both products begin working within 30 minutes of infusion into the fuel and are considered a non-pollutant by the International Maritime Organization (IMO).

As part of the year-long sponsorship agreement, Herd Racing will carry the NanoFusion International | PetrolFusion logo on it’s race boats, driver autograph cards and advertise the company on the team’s website at www.herdracing.com. The company will provide the team with product to use in it’s race engines, as well as distribute to other racers and fans through Internet, Twitter, Facebook and race day contests and promotions throughout the 2013 race season.

“We tested PetrolFusion extensively last season after gaining approval from APR Superleague officials who tested the fuel to make sure it met the league’s strict fuel standards,” said Herd Racing race pilot Dana Tomes.  “We found that our engines were easier to start, made strides in fuel economy and was very clean when taken down for a rebuild.  PetrolFusion kept our engines clean and performing to the best of their ability.”

The key ingredient in PetrolFusion was first tested by the U.S. military during World War II to enhance performance and fuel economy for long range fighter aircraft.  Lange, a commercial aircraft pilot and scientist, optimized the original military formula using modern technology.

“The Nano Technology in PetrolFusion has taken a quantum leap in benefits to boat owners from traditional fuel additives,” said Lange.

NanoFusion International offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  A 16-ounce bottle of PetrolFusion retails for $59.95 and is available at amazon.com or through marine retailers nationwide.

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