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To whom it may concern, For commercial purposes the company has been running a Hyundai i30 wagon powdered by a 1.6ltr diesel motor. The vehicle is 3 1/2 years old and has covered over 150,000kms. Over the first three years the vehicle has averaged 600 kilometres per 45 liter fuel tank. Driving has been predominantly city driving. I have been keeping a register of fuel consumption since acquiring some NanoFusion suited to my vehicle and over the last three months and 6500 kilometres later find that the fuel tank range has increased to an average 644 kilometres or a 7.25% increase in fuel economy.

Richard Verboon, WA Sales Manager, Paskal Pty Ltd

I bought a gallon of your fuel additive at the Stuart Boat Show in January 2014. I have been running boats for more than fifty years and currently own a Liberty SF which has 510 V-8 MAN's with 3900 hours on them. After running one tankful of fuel containing NanoFusion additive in proportions recommended the engine noise decreased decidedly according to my crew. Following a long run the cleaning crew advised me that the soot on the transom was noticeably less than it had been prior to adding NanoFusion. As the boat operator it was obvious to me that the soot was less when resuming cruising speed after slowing down to pass a small boat.

Robert J.

As a CEO of running a successful commercial fishing operation, controlling operating costs is one of the critical ways we must go forward as a company. Over a month's time, we tested DieselFusion mixed in with fuel on each of three seven day fishing trips and carefully monitored the results. The fuel savings were dramatic. We saved approximately 356.6 gals of fuel per trip at an average cost of $3.386 per gallon or over $1,200 per trip. Approximately a 14% fuel cost savings.

Bill Palombo, Palombo Fishing Corp.

Increasing my fuel economy from 1.6 mph to 2 mph—23% fuel economy improvement. I’d say it does what it says it does—it saves money.

Randy Vance, Boating Magazine

My family has been renting pontoon boats to the public for over 23 years. Last spring we started using PetrolFusion; it has allowed us to decrease our fuel costs overall by almost 20%. Every penny counts nowadays. Thank you for a great product!

Michelle Z.

Herd Racing began testing PetrolFusion in 2012 and used the product in our Formula 2 SST-120 race boats throughout the 2013 racing season. PetrolFusion provided us with several advantages over running our traditional two-cycle fuel mixture. By mixing PetrolFusion at the recommended concentration we noticed our boats started quicker, ran cooler and we saw much less carbon buildup during our routine piston inspections. We remove the heads to our Mercury V-6 race engines weekly and recorded noticeably less carbon buildup on our pistons and heads while using PetrolFusion in our fuel. Most obvious was the quickness in which our engines started. Our boats start our races from a dead stop with our engines turned off. The key to success if firing quickly when the green flag drops and our Mercurys started every time without incident noticeably faster than in previous seasons. If boosting our race engines wasn't enough we added DieselFusion to our tractor trailer hauler and quickly saw 5 to 10 % better fuel economy during our weekly trips to and from the race courses.

Dana Tomes, Herd Racing

Here is your update! Where I had black exhaust soot before I currently have a very lite grey which washes off with soap and water, no scrubbing. At 2300 rpm speed increased about one knot 18+ to 19+ while the rate of fuel burn has dropped about 1/2 Gal. Per hour, which is indicated by FloScan meters on each engine. I have 3208 CAT's 375 hp 1989 with about 1800 hours use, pushing a 46 ft. Sea Ray Express.

Duke M.

I purchased your product because it promised a reduction in the black, smoky exhaust that diesel engines produce. The stern on my Sea Ray was always black and very difficult to clean. I never believed the little bit of DieselFusion added to my fuel would help with this problem. Now it runs cleaner than when new. It is an Excellent product and I am recommending it to friends.

Gerald M.

I started using PetrolFusion in my bass boat in June. Always had troubles starting the engine when I had to run ethanol fuel. I have not had any engine trouble since I mixed it in the first time, very pleased with the results.

Lorrence H.

My team offshore races a Hustler with twin 500′s and we are getting amazing new performance results, increased compression ratios and torque. Top speed increase from 78mph to 86 mph.

Darrin B.

Great Product! I was just hoping to save some money off my huge fuel bills, did not expect the noticeable extra power increase too.

Terrance G.

We've been running our Donzi offshore to the same fishing spots for years. It’s running 8 knots faster and the Mercs run much smoother.

Mike and Jennifer S.