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NanoFusion International began in 2003 when Keith Lange, a chemist and commercially trained aircraft pilot began development of a new fuel additive product utilizing Nanotechnology. His initial formulas were designed for  gasoline/petrol engines to help offset the increasing cost of aviation fuels and high aircraft maintenance costs while reducing the impact aircraft have on the environment.

In 2006, AeroFusion was created using concepts from an original 1940’s military experimental aircraft fuel program. With modern technology, he optimized this concept to create a revolutionary process that further refines the fuel in your fuel tank, creating a more complete burning fuel that is significantly more powerful, efficient and cleaner burning.

During a three year extensive civilian and military testing program, AeroFusion was found to improve fuel efficiency up to 26%, reduce maintenance costs by micro lubricating internal engine components and decrease carbon deposits which reduce engine wear.  In addition, AeroFusion removed water particulates and stabilized fuel during non-flight periods. Last but not least, it lowered particulate emissions nearly 68% making AeroFusion eco-safe and green.

In 2009, Mr. Lange began a “reformulation” of his original formula to meet the needs of the marine industry. This product became AquoFusion, Diesel and Gasoline formulas. Both AquoFusion formulas consisted of a mixture of powerful, highly concentrated liquid micro-hydrocarbon elements designed specifically for gasoline and diesel marine fuels. Special refinements allowed AquoFusion Gasoline Formula to protect marine engines from ethanol damage and significantly increase fuel economy and horsepower. AquoFusion Diesel Formula dramatically reduces exhaust soot and fumes and significantly increases fuel economy and engine life.

The successful use of these new formulations created additional diesel and gasoline/petrol fuel commercial applications. The result being the current DieselFusion and PetrolFusion formulations. With years of testing in different applications, Keith and his chemists have refined his patented formulas to become the most cost efficient, unique and powerful fuel additives on the market. His formulations are the new benchmark for fuel treatment technology in the industry today.

Keith Lange | Vice President & Chief Chemist

Keith Lange attended the University of Wisconsin; majoring in chemistry and microbiology. While working with the Department of Natural Resources, he gained extensive experience in all aspects of government environmental regulations and environmental testing procedures. Mr. Lange served with the US military and is a Certified Commercial Pilot.

Lisa Rae Donato | President

Lisa Rae Donato attended Florida Atlantic University; majoring in International Business. Ms. Donato brings more than twenty years of hands-on experience in executive management and business development across multiple industries.

Clive Brown | Director, Australia & New Zealand


Bruce Brown | Director, Large Yachts