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DieselFusion is a revolutionary advancement in fuel technology that dramatically improves diesel engine performance, extends engine life, significantly reduces emissions and reduces overall operational costs. It is a mixture of powerful, highly concentrated liquid micro-hydrocarbon elements formulated to release more energy from diesel fuel’s fundamental energy content and optimizing fuel burn. DieselFusion can be added directly into any fuel tank; bulk storage, day tanks, delivery truck, metering pump or directly in the vehicle’s tank.

During a three year extensive testing program, DieselFusion has proven to increase fuel efficiency over 18 % in Diesel engines by optimizing fuel burn during the combustion process. It also reduced maintenance costs by improving fuel lubricity, reducing carbon deposits, extending engine life and stabilizing fuel during storage periods. DieselFusion significantly lowered emissions (NOx, CO, H2SO4, HC, Pb, SOx, etc.) including particulate emissions (black smoke and soot) up to 80% making it eco-safe and green.

Fuel enhanced by DieselFusion possesses other numerous benefits;

Improves fuel economy and efficiency to maximize fuel energy output.

When DieselFusion blends with diesel fuel, it begins this patented process of reverse catenation, a molecular process that separates and shortens long hydrocarbon chains. This produces a shorter hydrocarbon chain better able to mix and burn with oxygen as there are more open molecular bonding points in a short chain. The optimized and refined fuel burns more efficiently, delivering an increase in fuel economy, horse power development, and torque. See Certified Dyno Testing Results

  • Fuel consumption will be reduced between 8 – 18% depending on the engine’s load factory – higher load factors will deliver higher benefits.

Increase lubricity in low sulfur diesel fuel.

In laboratory tests, DieselFusion is shown to improve fuel “lubricity”. Lubricity is the measure of diesel’s lubricating quality.

  • Fuel treated with DieselFusion will cause less abrasive wear as it flows through the precision high pressure components of a modern diesel engine.
  • In Bio-Diesel fuels (E10 & E15), fuel system damage due to abrasion is a serious industry concern. DieselFusion will improve both E10 & E15 Bio-Diesel fuel to provide better component life.

Improves diesel fuel’s Cetane rating.

Laboratory tests (SWRI) have confirmed DieselFusion will increase fuel’s cetane number when blended with diesel fuel. Cetane number is a measure of fuel volatility/combustibility. Higher cetane numbers indicate better compression ignition propagation, engine starting characteristics and power development.

Removes dangerous carbon and other abrasive cylinder deposits.

Carbon deposits are a combustion by-product which collects and hardens on cylinder heads, cylinder walls, piston crown/rings, valves and valve stems. These combustion chamber deposits become a “hotspot” impacting engine performance. As a result, you get higher oil consumption, engine knocking and overheating.

DieselFusion removes carbon and other deposits by molecularly attaching to these elements and gently re-burning them during the combustion process. Removing carbon build-up in the combustion chamber, valve seats and rings improves combustion and performance. These factors also create a more efficient and consistent fuel burn further reducing fuel consumption.

Eliminates diesel knock (early detonation) from poor combustion control.

Early detonation can be a serious problem. It will reduce power and damage your engines. It is an erratic form of combustion that occurs when injected fuel is subjected to either too much pressure or too much heat (hot spots from carbon build up) or has a low cetane number.

DieselFusion eliminates these destructive conditions by eliminating carbon build up and related hot spots allowing normal combustion and a predictable fuel burn. It also creates a consistent combustion temperature within the cylinder. All this contributes to easier starting for engines in both hot or cold climates.

Lubricates & protects engine from the damaging internal abrasive wear and the effects of Bio-diesel fuels.

DieselFusion’s Nano particle composition lubricates expensive precision fuel system components (pumps and injectors). It reduces friction in these high precision fuel system parts, cushions moving parts against shock and helps with compression by sealing micro gaps between piston rings and cylinder walls reducing blow-by and soot in your engine oil. Micro lubricants also protect vital engine components from rust, corrosion and deterioration. The lubricated internal engine components stay cleaner, smoother and protected, extending the engines life.

Reduces dangerous emissions for a cleaner and safer environment.

Through extensive testing, DieselFusion has proven to reduce dangerous emissions like Lead (Pb), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Oxide (N0X), Sulfur Oxide (S0X), Sulfur Dioxide (S02), Sulfur Trioxide (S03), unburned Hydrocarbons (HC), Sulfur (S), and particulate matter or soot (PM). When DieselFusion is added to fuel it also bonds with dangerous Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) compounds, the leading cause of Acid Rain, and chemically alters it into Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4), which is a neutral compound (Mg0 + H2S04 MgS04 +H20). With significantly reduced engine emissions, this will greatly improve air quality in cities, urban and congested areas

Improves Engine Oil Life (reduced soot).

Oil life is limited by sludge; the result of soot generated by the combustion process. Manufactures now recommend changing oil based on the physical measure of engine oil sludge.

  • Improved combustion generates less soot during combustion leading to less sludge in the lubrication oil.
  • Improved sealing of rings and liners will reduce blow-by and the passage of soot to engine oil leading to sludge build up in the engine sump.

Reduces black smoke on engine acceleration.

  • As DieselFusion improves diesel fuel combustion performance, it will reduce black smoke on acceleration by improving “fuel burn” during the increase of fuel injection volume while the air intake system struggles to meet an increased demand for oxygen.
  • As an added benefit, DieselFusion’s chemical formulation reduces the bonding agents that attach soot to vehicle paintwork. This will reduce the black soot smears typically seen across vehicle bodies near the exhaust pipes.

Removes water particles from contaminated fuel systems.

DieselFusion contains components which search out and attach to suspended water particles in the fuel. These condensed water droplets then sink rapidly to the fuel tanks sump drain where they can be completely removed from your fuel system. This will help reduce water in the vehicles fuel system and protect the engine from damage due to poor combustion and diesel knock.

Stabilizes fuel and protects fuel systems during extended periods of storage.

Fuel deteriorates during extended periods of non-use. In as short as two weeks, untreated fuel begins to break down, collect moisture and corrode your entire fuel system. Bio-diesel fuels containing organic compounds pose the most risk. The active ingredients in DieselFusion help protect vital engine components for up to 5 months. They also prevent gum and varnish formation, keeping the entire fuel system clean.

DieselFusion delivers many benefits. The most tangible will be improved fuel efficiency. Other benefits like fuel component life improvement, emissions, oil life extension will emerge with extended product use.

DieselFusion is a direct purchase and apply investment. There is no infrastructure development required; no special tanks, no metering and so forth. You need only calculate the amount required for your storage tank/delivery strategy and pour it in prior to filling the tank. This process is repeated as your fuel supplier delivers his normal schedule.

With a treatment cost of under US$ 0.9 per gallon, it is clear that DieselFusion will provide an early and on-going pay back on its purchase. Fuel efficiency gains alone will easily justify an investment in DieselFusion.

For example, using a typical 6,500 hour annual utilization and a ten percent fuel savings; DieselFusion would save $112,000 USD against a deployment cost of $27,300 USD providing a ninety percent (90 %) return on the investment. One bus or truck over one year;  over $84,700 USD net savings. The benefits are clear!

All countries are not the same. Extreme altitudes, temperature ranges (arctic to tropic), and high and low humidity all impact a  vehicle fleet. DieselFusion can be custom formulated to address specific requirements. Our goal is clear; fine tune the formula to provide the greatest benefits on your specific site and site conditions.

* DieselFusion is available for on-road use in international markets only.