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DieselFusion Now Available For Yachts, Superyachts & Megayachts

Charleston, SC, July 1, 2013– DieselFusion, a revolutionary advancement in fuel additive technology, has expanded into the mega yacht market and is taking the industry by storm.  NanoFusion International is pleased to announce their expansion by bringing DieselFusion to the large yacht market, and appointing Bruce Brown as Director, Large Yachts.  Bruce, a well-known veteran to the mega yacht industry, will be managing DieselFusion on a worldwide basis.

“Bruce Brown has a proven history that will create sales for our breakthrough product that uses nano-technology more successfully than any additive in the marine market,” said Lisa Rae Donato, President of NanoFusion International.

Brown said, “I am delighted to be associated with NanoFusion International. Their DieselFusion product is perfect for the large yacht Captain and owner.  Not only will they start saving fuel cost 30 minutes after dosing, DieselFusion will also begin eliminating soot and fumes to create a dramatically cleaner burn than other products on the market today.  In addition, DieselFusion is competitively priced, non-hazardous and eco-friendly while delivering a higher level of engine efficiency than other additives currently available.”

DieselFusion is available in a variety of dosing quantities.  One gallon treats 5,120 gallons of fuel.  The company also offers dosing pumps in both manual configuration and beautifully designed Eneryacht electric stainless steel pumps.

NanoFusion International manufactures DieselFusion and PetrolFusion by utilizing nano-technology to create revolutionary formulations to significantly enhance marine fuels and protect vital engine components.  Originally developed for aviation fuels, the products have been extensively tested to be safe for all types of engines and for the environment.  DieselFusion dramatically reduces exhaust soot and fumes up to 80% and increases fuel economy up to 18% while extending engine life.  PetrolFusion’s non-alcohol formula protects engines and other vital engine components from ethanol damage while increasing fuel economy and horse power up to 18%.  NanoFusion International’s innovative nano-technology based formulas offer benefits that are unlike anything available in fuel treatments today.

Brown’s appointment is effective July 1st, 2013. For more information on DieselFusion pricing and availability, please contact Mr. Brown at:    Bruce Brown  |  401.965.4975  |  bruce.brown@nanofusionint.com

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Lisa Rae Donato at 888.295.2359 or email at lisarae@nanofusionint.com.

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