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Magic Fuel Juice? | Randy Vance | Boating Magazine

Magic Fuel Juice? by Randy Vance | Boating Magazine | July 30, 2013 Click here to view post: http://www.boatingmag.com/blogs/magic-fuel-juice I’m the biggest Doubting Thomas in the world when it comes to fuel additives claiming to make fuel last longer or burn better or do other miraculous things like increase economy or speed in a boat or car. Gasoline is gasoline and it contains a given amount of energy and based …Read More

BoatingLAB Tests: Fuel Stabilizers | Boating Magazine

BoatingLAB Tests: Fuel Stabilizers Do fuel stabilizers actually work? We put them to the test! By Randy Vance Click here to view post: http://www.boatingmag.com/how-to/preventative%20care/boatinglab-tests-fuel-stabilizers Pass the Gas With ethanol in the gas, fuel stabilizers are as essential to boaters who store fuel for months as they are to those who boat every week. It was bad enough that nonethanol gas could turn to crud, gumming up the works. In the …Read More